photo 1This year’s VBS was my favorite at The Kirk, by far.  When we started doing VBS several years ago, we started using curriculum by the company Group Publishing. It’s been alright. . . well-organized, great music, and the kids have fun. IMGP5406I have been a bit disappointed with the “Bible Points” over the years and very disappointed that we have only done four days but charge $20 for a kid to attend.IMGP5644  This year we did five days, there were four Promise students that attended, and each Bible Point focused on a topic that meets kids RIGHT where they are . . . and MY KIDS right between the eyes!

  1. Even when you are left out, Jesus loves you.
  2. Even though you are different, Jesus loves you.
  3. Even when you don’t understand, Jesus loves you.
  4. Even though you do wrong, Jesus loves you.
  5. Even when you are afraid, Jesus loves you.

IMGP5538The kids had a blast and I actually heard them using the Bible points with each other at different times throughout the week.IMGP5237Throughout the week there are “KidVids” shown and this year each video had an interview with a young child sharing their story (orphan, etc.) The last day, the video told the story of a little girl who had high anxiety and her school provided a therapy dog that helped her to be calm in the classroom.  A member of our church has a therapy dog and brought Ticket to meet the VBS kids.  Little loved it and her group leader, a teacher at our school, immediately went and put KDS on the wait list for a therapy dog!IMGP5461IMGP5093 IMGP5256

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2 Responses to VBS

  1. marlene barron says:

    Thanks so much for the beautiful recap of Bible school. Love the Bible points!!! Jesus loves us!!!!!! Bible School is the BEST!!!!!!

  2. Debbie says:

    I love the way God speaks in the ways our kids need it and the way I need it, too :). Glad they had a great week at VBS!


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