Going the Distance – 80+ miles!

IMG_0757This month we are having a lot of “this time last year” moments. They really started in February with, “This time last year we took Little to the ER and got her diagnosis.” Little went to the ER two days before her birthday and actually turned 14 in the cardiac unit. A nurse we grew to love over the next five months spent time drawing and cutting so that when our daughter woke up there were decorations all around her room that had appeared over night! Claire continued to care for Little through many nights and was actually our nurse the night before Little crashed and returned to the ICU to stay until a heart became available.

37607861_10155702600410998_3142075362242985984_oLast month I received a call from Children’s Hospital and was told that during this year’s fundraiser, (a two-day bike ride where sponsored nurses and doctors cover over 80 miles to raise money for the hospital) Claire had chosen to ride with the Cardiac team and wanted to honor Little as she rode. She’ll wear a picture of Little on her shirt and has written a lovely “blurb” about our girl and put it on her fundraising page. We will get to travel up the mountain to be present and celebrate with Claire when she crosses the finish line.  What a joy to be able to encourage her as she was such an encouragement to us during our hospital stay.

37602491_10155702600735998_1556608607494078464_oThe Courage Classic is July 20-21 and Claire has the goal of raising $1000 for the Cardiac Climbers (Heart Institute Riding Team). She is halfway there and I am hoping our friends and family will help her get the rest of the way and beyond. So many have given so much to us already but the thought of giving  so that other families can see their children as healthy as our Little is exciting.


Click here to go to Claire’s page, read her description of Little, and find out more about the Courage Classic. If you are able, there’s a place for you to donate too.


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Little on the Court

After a year of praying for Little and watching her have NO ENERGY, she is now playing basketball. This is the first year her middle school is doing Unified Basketball – a program  that partners with Special Olympics for sporting opportunities in schools. Teams are made up of 50% kids with disabilities/ASD and 50% typical classmates. (Little’s team is more of a 30/70 split because of all the “typical kids” who wanted to participate!)

To see her run up and down the court is overwhelming.
To hear her classmates cheering for her is moving.

When you watch the video make sure you hear her thank the ref for handing her the ball! And watch the gentleman behind her in the red shirt when she scores. That is one of the Assistant Principals. Watching him brought me to tears.


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Heard at our House

At one point this morning our kids were yelling at each other from upstairs to downstairs….

Little, “I deserve to have that egg and you don’t!!”

Bubba, “I deserve hell.”

KB, “and death!!!”

This morning was proof-positive that Kicklighters Need Jesus.

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