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Waiting 1A – Week Four – Urgent

Tuesday night we went to sleep just like every other night at the hospital. Little snuggled down after taking her Melatonin, I read her a chapter from the book we have been going through, and then I turned off the … Continue reading

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Waiting 1A – Week Three – More

I have been thinking for days about the update I “need” to write about last week.  I keep putting it off because it all sounds like complaining. I know, I know — every day can’t be easy,  but God has … Continue reading

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Bubba’s Break

I know that I usually write about Little each weekend but I have to take a minute to record what the middle child did on Tuesday.  The first I heard of the drama is on a phone call from my … Continue reading

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TO DO: Either 1 OR 2 AND 3!

So we have moved into the hospital and are trying to make it somewhat homey for the duration. Jeremy is bringing Little’s duvet down today and clothes have been emptied into drawers. The walls are bare and that’s where you … Continue reading

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Waiting – Week Five – “You Put a Song in My Heart”

I cannot believe another week is gone! Time has flown by this week, filled with to-dos and people – my temperament’s happy mix! I ended up staying home until Tuesday so that I could do necessary shopping and packing with … Continue reading

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Waiting – Week Four – Mercy

We are back in the Cardiac Progressive Care Unit and attempting to adjust. Little seemed to turn a corner on Saturday and glimpses of her “old self” dominated the day. There was laughter and smiles and sweet conversation over puzzles. … Continue reading

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Words From Her Mother

Little basically just slept for three days straight. I mean … wouldn’t you? Cardiac arrest? CDiff? Diarrhea and vomiting? Sounds like sleep is a good idea, right? I will admit – sleep may be the most peaceful thing a person … Continue reading

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