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How Sticky Notes Saved My Sanity

When November comes around this year and each member of our family shares the traditional three things they are thankful for, at the top of my list will be the sticky note! It’s not because of the traditional uses of … Continue reading

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I Winked at a Priest!

It has been a year since I told you I was going to share about my experiences with the Anglican church vs. my Presbyterian background.  I would apologize for taking so long to actually write about these things, but I … Continue reading

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Game Changer

Little has never let me take care of her nails…she’ll let me paint them but not deal with cuticles etc. If I have ever tried she screamed and ripped her hand away; it honestly hasn’t been a battle I’ve been … Continue reading

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Oh Be Careful Little Mouth . . .

  When I was in second grade I was sent to the principal’s office for calling my teacher a dirty word. My friend and I had been goofing off during centers and our teacher sent us back to our seats. … Continue reading

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Anglican Angst

                I was two years old when the Presbyterian Church of America was formed and I, of course, didn’t know that my daddy had been approached to pastor a small group of families … Continue reading

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Last Week 2015

If I can get past the fact that my kids are stir crazy ’cause it’s 20 degrees outside with  8 inches of snow on the ground, this is my favorite week of the year. I love when the tree is down, … Continue reading

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Halloween Was SO Emotional

Took the kids to Respitality this weekend (local organization provides monthly respite for parents of children with special needs) and the theme for the night was all things Inside Out. It reminded me that I never posted Halloween pictures. This … Continue reading

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