Fizzy’s, VBS, and LuthinLighters

This is a big week at our house. Yes, another one. This week is VBS week at our church, and ends with the arrival of Memom, and the departure of dear dear friends to the state of Florida.

Since Regan has been swamped with packers at the house, a deceptive realtor in the Sunshine State, and a myriad of other details we jumped at the chance to take the Luthin boys for an afternoon and help out.  It turns out that a small “soda fountain” in town announced a VBS giveaway and that became part of our LuthinLighter plan for the afternoon.

Fizzy’s tweeted that they would give a free ice cream cone to any children coming in wearing their VBS tshirts.  So many things about that are wonderful! FREE!! ICE CREAM! TSHIRTS! So, we piled into the van, set the iPad to direct us, and headed out for our first trip to Fizzy’s.FIzzyIt was so very fun and somewhat depressing.  These little boys are family and our family is moving away.  Everybody felt it though none of them to put words to it. I started to talk about it and Bubba interrupted, “Could we please talk about something else?”

First stage of grief. . . denial.
I feel you, Bubba.

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1 Response to Fizzy’s, VBS, and LuthinLighters

  1. Debbie says:

    Have a great visit with your mom!


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