A WackThinLighter Goodbye

Biggest mistake of the week was to try to do one last thing before the Luthins pulled out on Saturday morning.  All Luthins were WORN OUT.  ALL little boys were sad.  The weather was HOT.  There was nothing in our favor.  Sheesh. Of course, that’s all hindsight.tableWe had lunch together in The Commons of the church because of the heat. Bubba had gotten it into his head that a goodbye party for Will HAD TO HAVE an ice cream cake. Thankfully Honey was able to deliver and we invited anyone we could find to share a piece with us before we moved on to the park for some running and playing in the water features.Rand ThomasWhen we got to the park I told everyone in my car (and that was all the children except for Little) that I would be taking a picture before we left the park.  They could either get out and take one before we go play or I will be stopping them in a bit to take the picture.  All the boys voted for right away – this is the best I could get:Grumpy groupI am so very thankful for Shary Dare and her offhanded comment years ago about a group of friends she had that swapped play-dates all school year. That story led me to ask these girls to do the same thing and that led to years of happy memories for me and my family.  (Cue Michael W. Smith’s Friends are Friends Forever)BRC

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