Mission “Little Smiles” Accomplished

Yesterday my “little” girl turned nine! NINE!!! I am utterly dumbfounded by the notion. The day went pretty well – Little had a ball and will probably never know how close that ball came to being dropped by her mommy.

I have been thinking about her birthday for weeks but, like so many things in my life right now, I haven’t DONE anything with what I was THINKING. Little had said she wanted to take donuts to school so I knew I didn’t really need to plan far ahead for that. Gifts were bought so that was “out of mind”. What I neglected to consider was a cake. .. with candles. . .the traditional t-shirt, for Pete’s sake. So on Tuesday morning I had a near panic attack as I realized all that needed to take place within the next 36 hours to see our birthday girl going to bed with a smile.

(For those readers wondering if Little would have really noticed what was missing let me assure you that she would. She asked me about her birthday shirt, told me which wrapping paper she wanted me to use – the red with white swirls like Bubba had on his in August – and kept asking if I had her cake. I have succeeded in making birthdays a BIG DEAL.)

We were awakened by Little saying, “I had good sleeps! It’s my birthday! I’m nine!” and Honey had time to sneak downstairs and hang the birthday banner while Little and I snuggled and laughed. There were pancakes for breakfast (her request) and Honey scooted down the street to the new Dunkin’ Donuts to get the snacks for school.

I had finished Little’s shirt after dinner the night before and cut out toppers for the donuts while watching Body of Proof so we were right as rain and even got pictures taken before leaving for school!?????????? ????????

Traditionally, this is where I post the frog picture to demonstrate how little our baby was and how big she is now. I don’t think she has grown an inch since last year but I am truly shocked to notice she does look older.

1 month

1 month

8 yrs.

8 yrs.

9 years

9 years







I had to work at the school until carpool so when I got home at 3:30PM it was straight to the kitchen to bake a cake. Thankfully, KB was at a friends and Little and Bubba wanted their daily “alone time” so I was free to wrap presents while the cake baked. Coralie brought KB home and while we sat and chatted I wrote out a scavenger hunt for Little to find her biggest gift. After Coralie left I went and iced the cake, Honey arrived home and laid out all the clues while I made grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner (Little’s request).

Actually, right as I went to ice the cake my phone rang and it was my mom saying the family in Birmingham was ready to Skype. So, Little and I went upstairs to the computer so she could listen to my parents, 2 of her cousins, an aunt and two uncles sing the Happy Birthday song.

Once we sat down to eat all was calm and the evening was so fun. The big gift was in the bathtub and I sent Little to wash her hands after dinner. I heard her exclaim, “LOOK AT THIS!!” My heart sank a little – – but just a little. Seeing her with this made me quick to smile:

????????Meet Freddie Trievy Kicklighter. . . Little’s new golden retriever. Yes, he is made by Melissa & Doug. No, he can’t run or bark. Yes, he is our solution to the problem of no pets in a rental. She was beside herself. She wanted him right beside her as she opened presents. He slept beside her bed through the night. He came down for breakfast with her this morning. SO SWEET.

There were other presents too and most had to do with Leapfrog; that company should pay us.???????? ????????


After the presents were done we put the dog back in the tub and let Little go on the scavenger hunt anyway. She did great deciphering the clues and when she looked in the tub and saw Freddie she called out, “It’s another puppy!!”

Bottom Line: Our girl turned nine and spent the entire day with a smile on her face. . . right up to when I turned off her light and said goodnight. Mission Accomplished.

**This morning I awoke to Little asking me, “Am I still nine?”

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3 Responses to Mission “Little Smiles” Accomplished

  1. Debbie says:

    She is definitely looking more grown up! What a great dog–very real-looking :). It looks like her day was perfect for her and you did get it all done! Great to talk to you today–let’s do it again soon!

  2. Julia says:

    A-W-E-S-O-M-E! On my phone that puppy looked FOR REAL!

  3. Brittany Hartloge says:

    Hey Becky! I have a funny Promise quote from Lily. She came into school this morning telling her two teachers (who were not at school on her birthday), “Hey guys! Guess what? I’m still nine!!!!!” I giggled to myself. I love that little little!!


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