School “Holidays”

When I was in elementary school, days off were few and far between. Sure we had the traditional Christmas break and we got out for Good Friday, but there was no “Fall Break” and we never got a four day weekend for President’s Day. We celebrated Lincoln’s birthday separate from Washington’s and I am not sure we got out of school at all.

I am struck each year by how many new reasons to celebrate there are for my children – “holidays” if you will. Sometimes I find myself thinking that there must be less to learn but, moments later, I am reminded that is not so.

Pinterest is no help in the matter; it’s part of someone’s masterful scheme to suck mom’s into the celebrating and make us okay with all the down time. Basically it gives us an excuse to bake something yummy and create something adorable. . . well, party on!!

In January we “celebrated” being 100 days smarter. That’s right – it was the 100 day of school and an excuse for me to make something yummy and something adorable.



Little actually had an assignment for the occasion and was required to create something out of 100 items at home. Example – a chain of 100 paper clips. Her project was great and she did most of it by herself. She made a poster with 100 Apps listed on it. She listed the apps and I typed them on labels that she stuck to the poster board. I was so proud of her work while struggling with guilt that she knows that many apps.

This weekend is Dr. Seuss’ birthday and at least one of the kids will be celebrating. KB was asked to wear a striped shirt. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has green eggs and ham to eat too. I guess I should go check out what’s on Pinterest for St. Patrick’s Day. . .

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1 Response to School “Holidays”

  1. helen says:

    You should come back here. We hardly celebrate anything. I am soooo glad when I see everything themed on Pinterest – even therapy related!


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