Updates from the Hutch

It’s not like life has been busier than usual but blogging just hasn’t been happening. It’s weird. I have several theories on why but all are silly since I enjoy this so much and haven’t been doing it. So I am going to drain my brain a bit while sitting here with my braced ankle propped on the couch beside a sick son.

1. Turns out my ankle wasn’t broken. It seems that the ligaments were torn and that was “all”. I have to tell you, it didn’t take the pain away to find out no bones were broken. The orthopedic surgeon traded out the huge boot for a simple brace from Sports Authority. I can get around pretty easily with Ibuprofen but the more I walk the more I hurt at night. Insert pathetic “woe is me” here.

2. We had two snow days this past week. These days came only days after a four day weekend. Yipee! It was like a miniature spring break. . . except with ice and temperatures that kept kiddos inside. If I am honest, I am ready for tomorrow and my kids going to school. Sheesh.

3. I’ve been working. There are the few hours in the church nursery but I have added Friday mornings at the school security desk and training to the new assistant librarian in the Fall. It’s funny – all these “mini” jobs touch on a different part of who I am. I love working with the kids, especially since most of them belong to dear friends. I love books and the library is full of books. And I love that I am told to sit still for four hours each Friday; it’s still and quiet (mostly) and I get to work on projects that have a beginning and an end. It’s not like I am threatening Forbes Top 500, but that’s not the goal.

4. My dear friend is moving away next week. I am sad. It is the second dear friend to move in a year and this one is just as “sudden” as the last. The main difference is that I have know this friend for 18 years and it has been such a joy/blessing to have these years to share life as adults. Don’t get me wrong, I am completely aware of how selfish my sadness is. When I am being practical and level headed, I am perfectly capable of being happy for her and this next step; they will be living so close to family and Dan will be doing a job he is really excited about. They have plenty of friends, loads of good churches to choose from, and and IKEA, for Pete’s sake! I am deeply happy for them. Very happy. (and sad)

5. This weekend has been a successful few days for our Little and bladder control. She just went to the bathroom for the ninth time. . . her own decision. Seriously, nine times she has said, “Oooh. I need to go to the bathroom.” and jumped up and gone. Don’t one of you even think anything but worshipful praise at this news. It is such evidence that our God is alive and at work. It is exciting to think that one day the $$ spent and diapers changed might be nothing more than a faint memory.

Well – time has run out. I need to get lunch for the kids who are well and some crackers for the boy in recovery. Happy Sabbath to you all.

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