We Ate Mor Chikin

You can tell a lot about a family by watching the changes in their costumes on Chick-fil-a appreciation day! This year we just wore the paper cow heads they handed out the day before. I just didn’t have the mental capacity to remember to get everything ready while entertaining my folks, etc. Funny thing is. . . we still got the exact same thing we would have gotten if we had worn cutesy cow tshirts. Note taken. Lesson learned.

Every since Bubba was four and chickened out on having his picture taken with the cow (no pun intended) he has been insistent that he try again. Here was his chance. A huge cow in the middle of the mall. How convenient.

Then there was the face painting. This gal hooked up all three children with adorable face creations and she actually was the only one who paid. . . she had to listen to non-stop children chatter.

Lady Butterflies. . .

Spiderman. . . this took days to wash off.
Anybody else think it is strange that so many of my kids’ childhood memories will involve Chick-fil-a?

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