Swimmin’ with Mrs. Hough

The summer wrapped up with our dear friend, Mrs. Hough, taking each child to the pool for their own personal outing.  KB got to go first since she wasn’t at camp all day and didn’t have a cast.  She had a blast.

The second week found Little going to the pool.  She couldn’t stop talking about how she was going to go down the slide and float down the lazy river.  She had a blast and slept so very well that night. (I’m sure Julie did too!)

Bubba was supposed to go the next week and we woke up to take him to the orthopedist for a check up.  I prayed and prayed, “Lord, he has missed so many things this summer PLEASE allow him to get a waterproof cast today.”  His going swimming that night hinged on that 7:30AM appointment.  As you can see, the doctor changed the cast and Bubba had his turn in the chlorine.  He had such a great time.

This activity is a definite favorite for my kids.  I am shocked that they don’t ask why they don’t go more often; they just enjoy their trip with Mrs. Hough for what it is.  And when I ask them how they feel about our dear friend and her kindness I get a response like this. . .

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1 Response to Swimmin’ with Mrs. Hough

  1. Julia says:

    Okay, Bubba looks like a super-hero with thos goggles which look more like a mask!


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