“The Voice in my Head”

During my parents’ visit there were a couple of issues that came up.  Little had an accident at the pet store and while there was a pull-up for her, there was no clean pair of shorts for her to wear.  The solution was obvious but I had just never taken the time to put a bag with a change of clothes into the back of the van.

Bag with change of clothes IN the back of the van within 24 hours of Mom’s departure.

Another issue was the fact that I apparently never have my phone near me when it rings.  Now that we have no land line it is a problem.  It was suggested that I carry the phone in my pocket.  I hate the thought of carrying the phone in my pocket, but it would increase the likelihood that I won’t miss any calls.

Phone in my pocket THE DAY Mom and Dad drove away.

There is a line in the Sandra Bullock/Hugh Grant film, “Two Weeks Notice” that goes something like this, “for better or worse, she’s the voice in my head pushing me to do better.” I AM better.

Last week on vacation KB had an accident and there was a change of clothes in the car!! Also, I have been trying to reach Little’s case worker for over a month and he kept missing my calls and I kept missing his . . . until I put the phone in my pocket.  Sigh.

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1 Response to “The Voice in my Head”

  1. mrs. barron says:

    Love the posts!!! Word of warning….be careful with the laundry. I washed my phone…..I know you are so much better at organization. Like Flylady says….perfection was shelved in 2011. We are working so hard at our routines! Just wish I would have given myself pats on the back when my children were young!!! You rock, girlfriend!!!!!!!!


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