Camp Luthinlighter – 4 and 5

Thursday we looked at the parable of the lost sheep.  The kids all sat and listened to Regan tell the story and watched as she moved the figures she had around the field of green felt.  After listening nicely and only “correcting” her once (thanks, KB), the kids each had an opportunity to retell the story and move the sheep and shepherd.  For a little craft, of sorts, we took thing cuts of a paper towel roll and wrapped white yarn around and around it until it became our own little version of sheep.  Then each child took a turn hiding the sheep and the group would play “shepherd” and look until we found the lost sheep.  Good times.  There were sheep cupcakes for snack.

Friday was a weird day because the Luthin half of Luthinlighter was to close on their house that morning AND we had to grocery shop and cook food to feed 30 that night.  We planned for me to do the shopping while Regan bought a house and then meet at the Luthin’s after lunch for camp.  God had other plans.  I did the shopping, the bank dropped the ball with the closing (a story for another time) and we ended up cooking while the kids played on the slip-n-slide with Mr. Billy.  Day Five was living out “Man makes his plans but the Lord directs his steps.”.

Overall I would say Camp Luthinlighter was a success and loved having another mom/friend to hold me accountable to work my plan.  I LOVE coming up with the plan but, as I have said many many times, my follow through is not so great.  KB asked this past Sunday when we were going to have Camp Luthinlighter again and so I guess the kiddos had fun too.

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