Camp Luthinlighter – 3

“God Protects His People”  This was the point we attempted to convey on Wednesday.  In the van we discussed the story of the Fiery Furnace (completely unplanned but Regan was on a roll so we went with it) and then at the zoo we headed toward the LIONS to discuss God’d protection of Daniel in the lion’s den.  God was so very good to us – this was the last day of sane weather in town for more than 10 days and it was the day we planned to be at the zoo.  Thank you, Jesus.

Of course we checked out other animals along the way to the lion’s den. . .

There were two baby lions, a mommy lion, and daddy lion.  Usually it is so hard to see the king of the jungle, but this day he was out in full view.  (I think he looks like Aslan on the stone table.)

Regan gathered everyone around and assigned parts for acting out the story.

Bubba was Daniel and, as the story goes, he was dragged before King Darius because he wouldn’t stop praying to the one true God.

I think it was all pretty effective.  On the way to the monkey house we stopped for a little knoll rolling and game playing in the shade.

The day was cut short by repetitive disobedience and the obvious need for an extended quiet time.  I think this is the day KB actually fell asleep during room time.  My kids were extra exhausted because every afternoon they had been going to swimming lessons too!

I am SO VERY thankful for these classes.  The kiddos had a blast and, if I had it to do over again, I would have had them in class for the whole month of June.  

The classes we attended were taught through Swim America and high school swim team members were instructors.  The ratio was 2:1 and the kids had a blast while feeling that they had really gained a couple skills over the course of the four days.

And suddenly the week was more than halfway over!!

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