It Isn’t Humerus. . . or Funny Either!

Bubba broke his arm last week.

He was at the park with his sister and jumped out for the monkey bars, something he has done 100+ times, and his hands slipped and he fell.  On his wrist.  It hurt.  He threw up.  (That’s just how he tells it.)

I wasn’t there and I was/am so very grateful.  I was at the eye doctor with Little and our Marlice had the kids at the park.  I would like for everyone local to believe Marlice did a crummy job handling the situation (that way they would QUIT CALLING HER TO BABYSIT), but she was JUST the person one would want in this situation.  She called me to let me know, calmly, that Bubba had fallen and she thought he needed to see a doctor.  I was already on my way home so I just proceeded, honestly thinking that it probably wasn’t really a big deal.

When I got home Bubba and Marly were sitting on the couch – Bubba was screaming and Marly was trying to calm him.  I kissed his forehead and then, of course, took a photo!

It really wasn’t quite that immediate.  I took a look at the bottom side of his arm, almost puked, and called our friend, Dr. Billy, to see if he should take a look at it.  Turns out Dr. Billy would look at it but would just send us to the emergency room, so we decided to bypass Dr. Billy.  Honey came home and took Bubs to our nearby hospital.  Marlice asked if she could do my grocery shopping to keep her mind busy (who says no to that?) and I “hunkered down” to wait for news from Honey.

Turns out Bubba broke two bones just above his wrist – both the radius and ulna.  He was a trooper at the hospital and came home in a splint.  Three days later he got a cast and will return next week to get a smaller and waterproof cast. It will be six to eight weeks before he gets it off; six weeks being August 11 and just four days before school starts.  THAT is what we are praying toward.  School starts August 15 and Bubs is VERY  concerned that he be able to write his name with his “strong arm”.  Would you pray this with us?

So thankful for medicine and the hope of relief!

The doctor shows Bubba his xrays.

Megan takes care of wrapping Bubba’s arm. Apparently Megan took care of everything!

St. Luke’s staff did a GREAT job!

Ready to go show off his injury.

Have YOU ever broken a bone? Tell us about it in the comments!

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8 Responses to It Isn’t Humerus. . . or Funny Either!

  1. Wendy Savage says:

    Well, we were in the ER just yesterday with my 8 year old, Nathaniel. We were at a friend’s house and Nathaniel was swinging in the back yard with the 5 year old daughter when I heard blood-curdling screams. I rushed out to find Nathaniel limping over to me with blood running down his leg. Apparently, there was a screw that got exposed on the swing set and Nathaniel’s leg scraped against it. I could post a picture, but it would probably make you throw up. My boy was also a trooper! Three hours and 7 stitches later, he’s on his way to healing. The big bummer is that he can’t go swimming until after the stitches come out and we leave for our vacation on Saturday.

  2. Marcie says:

    Bravo to Jeremy to taking the ER photos! He knows how to love his wife! We will pray for Bubba to heal in time for writing his name. :o) So glad you have Marlice!

  3. Debbie says:

    What a trooper! No, I have never broken a bone, but Elizabeth seems to have done her part for our entire family :). We will be praying for the cast to be off before school starts.

  4. mrs. barron says:

    Praying for Bubba! His new cast looks super. Only bone bruises at the Barron house……The bruises hurt a fair amount. Yea to Marlice for doing such a terrific job. LOVED the photo documentation!! Praying steadfastly!!!!!

  5. Rose Castens says:

    I also broke a bone (my tailbone) before any of you were born. It was extremely painful so I will be praying for Bubba. Someone asked my precious husband if they put it in a cast and he said, “they couldn’t. They ran out of plaster.” Only my husband!!!

  6. Melanie says:

    Both arms, first day of summer vacation after 4th grade. Six weeks in one cast and eight in the other…then splints to boot. Not my best summer break! (No pun intended.) Ask if they have any kind of instrument he can scratch his arm with if (when) it gets itchy.

  7. Alisha says:

    broke my first bone last July. Try taking care of a 2 year old with a broken hand. I remember being exhausted by 6pm since I didn’t realize how much energy it used to do things one handed.

  8. Amanda Skinner says:

    I’ve broken 13 bones, with no major car crash or anything…each separate incidents. 😦 So too many stories to tell, but I had pretty much the same break as Bubba when I was 3. I tripped over a pillow of all things. I wondered about my bone density, but according to docs who have seen my X-rated, I’m just clumsy. 🙂


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