Camp Luthinlighter – 2

**I need to make sure you notice that our actual week of camp looks VERY little like the plan I laid out a couple posts ago! Who would have ever guessed I would be so flexible!

The second day of camp was spent at The Blue Hutch homestead and we discussed how God Provides for His People. We went across the street to the GREAT park there and started on a walk. As we walked Regan began telling the story of the Israelites leaving Egypt and how the Lord led them with a cloud of smoke in the day and a pillar of fire at night.

NL leads the pack with his red noodle “pillar of fire”.

As we walked we began to complain and grumble about wanting to go back to Egypt where we had food, etc. My kids were mesmerized by Mrs. Regan’s animated telling of history.

Moses (Bubba) prayed and asked God to provide food for us and when we looked up there was manna (popcorn) “covering” the ground.

Everyone was instructed just to get enough for that day and we set out again. Mrs. Regan picked up extra for her family “just in case” God didn’t do what He said He would do, but it rotted in her pocket, smelled awful, and had worms in it. (THIS was everyone’s favorite part!) When we discovered her nasty food we prayed that God would provide again and lo, and behold there was mannacorn all over the ground one more time. And, yes, they ate it.

After the story we headed home and had a scavenger hunt out in the yard. Everyone did a super job being creative and finding everything on their list. We ended our afternoon with “Wandering in the Desert Dessert” on the front porch.

Check out this face!! Looks like the pudding was a hit!!!

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2 Responses to Camp Luthinlighter – 2

  1. mrs. barron says:

    This is AWESOME!!!!! The Father is enjoying this time of worship!! Can I pass your blog sight to my girlfriend that I am proposing a camp with? We have teenagers but it could be well adapted I am sure. Thanks so much for blessing me!!! Hugs to all!!!!

  2. Uncle Andy says:

    Soooooo fun. WIsh we were there too.


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