Serious ’bout Simplifying

Joshua Becker’s book, Simplify, has been a life affecting book. I am praying that it will be the instigator of a permanent lifestyle change.

Ruthlessly cleaning out the kitchen was step one and I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed using my kitchen over the past two weeks. Not having to reach past four dishes I NEVER use to get the one 9×13 that I use constantly, well it is freeing each time.

Problem is that I have no staying power. In the past this kind of thing lasts a few weeks and then “plop” – it’s over. I am praying that this time it will be different. I am praying that the Lord will work in me so that eliminating stuff becomes an act of worship and an expression of love; worship of the one true God and love for my husband and children.

The living room has been a natural second step since we removed everything for the carpet cleaning. I put the last drawer back into this dresser just now.

I walked away with a black trash bag full of stuff and a shoebox of stuff to put in other rooms. The only thing left is this :


Can you believe all these cords were crammed into the bottom drawer with a portable cd player and screwdriver? Well, I’ve laid them out so all Honey needs to do is look and divide them into the black trash bag or small storage box.

Which room should I do next?

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1 Response to Serious ’bout Simplifying

  1. Marcie says:

    Sounds great. Maybe I should read the book before we move into a more permanent residence. Then I can clean out as I unpack. That will be double duty, since I cleaned out when I packed.


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