Oh My Stars!!!

I got an email today that told me I could make a gloomy Monday better with the great sale going on at their website. I clicked through and had to laugh. . .

This is a Chloe Women’s Saskia Jewel Green Leather Satchel. This bag is adorable. . . I love it. It is also capable of holding only one’s wallet, cell phone, and keys; it is sassy AND SMALL (13″x5″). Suggested Retail Price: $1,320.00!! That’s $101.54 per inch of purse.

Don’t be upset, though. . .this is only a suggested price. It’s on sale on the aforementioned website for $910.89! That’s a 31% savings, folks. I love me a bargin!

Don’t be offended yet. If you press the “Buy Now” button (which I accidentally did since I was balancing my iPad on my knee and coughing uncontrollably in shock) you are offered what they call the “No brainer” price: $583.00. You read that right folks.

I don’t know how many they started out with, but there is only 1 left.
NOW you can be offended.

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1 Response to Oh My Stars!!!

  1. amy s. says:

    that purse is beautiful…but for nearly $600. wow. that’s all i’ve got to say!


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