What Would YOU Do for Clean Carpets?


I am sitting in my kitchen in a wing back chair that is stuffed between that couch and our pantry. There is only one piece of furniture in our living room, and absolutely nothing in either of the girls’ rooms. The back porch, hallway, and our bedroom are crammed full of children’s clothes, dresser drawers, and side tables. All of this so that we could have three rooms of carpets cleaned.

MONTHS ago I bought an online deal for carpet cleaning. We have potty trained 2 1/2 kids in this house and the cleaning needed to be done; the marker on the carpet was just the kick in the pants needed to get the job done.

When I called at the end of January to make an appointment, they told me they were booked until May. My Daily Deal expired April 24! (yes, that’s today) The lady talked to her supervisor and they tacked on an appointment for me today. I asked a few questions and hung up thrilled that the plan was in place and our lives would barely be affected since someone professional was coming in to do the job.

Last week I realized that I couldn’t very well move all the furniture myself and I asked Jeremy to take a couple hours off to get the place ready. At 3:00pm today I realized that our house has eight rooms – two are bathrooms, three were having their carpets cleaned, and the other three were overflowing with furniture. This was only a concern because we have three children who needed somewhere to be. AND it came to my attention that the carpets would be damp and our children would need somewhere to sleep tonight.

My precious Honey came home at 4:00 and rearranged the mess so that there would be places for everyone to sleep. Bubba’s bus dropped him off just minutes before the cleaning folks arrived and our Landlord chose that exact time to arrive with his son-in-law to replace the garbage disposal. CHAOS AND CRAZINESS!

But, now it’s all “over”. The kids and I went through a drive-thru and to a park for a picnic dinner before coming home for baths and bedtime. KB is asleep on a mattress on Bubba’s floor and Little is sleeping on a mattress by our bed. The carpets are clean, the disposal is new, and from where I am sitting all is well in the world. Of course my view IS obstructed by a couch. . .

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1 Response to What Would YOU Do for Clean Carpets?

  1. Debbie says:

    How do they look? Are you walking on them yet or just making your kids play in the non-carpeted area for a few days so the carpet stays nice?


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