Set Sail with Capt. Morgan

While visiting family we had one night for the adults to go out together sans the kiddos.  It was super fun.  My mom had another Groupon (woohoo, mom!) and we went to this seafood place, Capt. Morgan’s.

Now, I went to Troy State University and we know most Jimmy Buffet songs and all Garth Brooks songs, so I am familiar with Capt. Morgan from “Two Pina Coladas”.  My sister tells us all about commercials that show people standing with one knee up, like the Capt.(?), and she giggles and giggles because it is apparently a funny commercial.  I just think it’s a super photo op.  My daddy even played along.

I couldn’t find the commercial she was talking about, but I did find this and it’s worth a giggle:

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1 Response to Set Sail with Capt. Morgan

  1. Debbie says:

    Where do you find these things? 🙂 A nice laugh to start my day.


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