Happy Bday, CFA!

Our closest free-standing Chick-fil-a turned one last week.  You know how I love birthdays.  When I heard that a homemade birthday card would pay for a sandwich, dinner was planned.  Leave it to a favorite restaurant to combine two of my other favorite things: celebrating and creating.

Once Bubba got home from school I gathered the children around the kitchen table, explained the plan, and let them loose with the markers.  While each party lovin Picasso got to work, I enjoyed creating a card of my own and one for Honey; we did  discuss that “Daddy would write the note because he needed to be involved in the creating of his card!”

Little went with simplicity:





KB created and dictated:








Bubba . . . well it’s hard to make a cute phrase that means “Bubba was committed to filling every inch of space with words.”





Apparently EVERY OTHER PERSON IN OUR TOWNSHIP had the same idea because we could barely get in the door and order.  We got the food to go, chatted with a few people we knew, and came home to eat.   Another successful Chick-fil-a experience.

When was the last time you went to Chick-fil-a?

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2 Responses to Happy Bday, CFA!

  1. hmmmm… at least a year! 🙂

  2. Uncle Andy says:

    Too long…


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