Blogosphere Bound?

In the blogging “world” there are all types of communities.  You can fill your reader with blogs about finance, being a mommy, organizational leadership, crafting, or the world of mock-superheroes (at least that’s what I hear).

The Christian community has, of course, become part of the blogging movement and there are plenty of sites where you can get advice on parenting, input on your marriage, or daily exhortation to walk in a fashion worthy of the Savior. These sites are written by collaborating pastors, groups of couselors, or family members working together.

It seems there’s always a picture of the contributors where everyone looks pretty and approachable.  You see their faces and you find yourself wanting to be their friends and willing to trust their input into your life.  It’s especially good for women readers if the picture shows a mom and her daughters because it means they have achieved ultimate family success: family members who love the Lord, grown children who have started families of their own, and they all still like each other!

The picture at the top of this post is the picture I would use if the women of my family decided to start a blog.  Seriously – look at us and be honest. . . you want to trust us, don’t you? You are thinking, “That’s a cute group of gals.  I could be friends with them.  I bet their lives aren’t that different from mine.  I would trust what they have to say about walking with God daily.  Did they PLAN to wear the same two colors and create a pattern for the photo? I bet the one without lipstick is the in-law AND the most Godly.”  It’s the perfect blog photo because it draws you in (we look so approachable) but leaves mystery (you can’t really tell the extent of what we have to share).

Truth?  We are cute and would probably be your friends (or at least friendly).  The one without lipstick IS the in-law and pretty darn Godly.

We didn’t plan to match and, unless you live in Asia, have kids with special needs, have worked in ministry for 45 years, or have been divorced, remarried and have children 11 years apart, our lives are pretty different from yours.

Complete honesty? I got my hair colored two days before because I knew we were going to have tons of photos taken while we were together.  That sweatshirt my sister has on is 22 years old! I cropped the photo so no one’s thighs would show. My sister-in-law really IS that pretty without lipstick.

But if you just went by the photo there might be a blog, book deal, and speaking engagements in our future. I mean, it really IS a great blog photo, right?

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4 Responses to Blogosphere Bound?

  1. amy s. says:

    this makes me wish that i was there with you guys. seriously.

  2. Debbie says:

    I love this post :).

  3. julia says:

    Yes, even a “heathen” looks at all of you and thinks she could be friends with you too!

  4. Uncle Andy says:

    What a wonderful post.


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