Men Really R From Another Planet!!

I am on the “Leadership Development Team” at church and it really is one of my favorite things. There are seven men and one other woman on the team. I have always known I think differently than those men, but tonight I decided that we literally must be speaking a different language.

You are wondering how it is that I have been married for eleven years and am just now figuring out the male/female language barrier. You are, aren’t you? Well, my Honey “gets me”, for the most part, and so the different dialects are not always as blatant. Tonight at the LDT meeting the barrier was obvious.

We were discussing breakout sessions for an event we have coming up in January and I was suggesting we have broader focuses instead of going too narrow. My thought was that within each broader topic we could offer different and more specific discussions at this Jan. workshop and future workshops. I didn’t quite get to explain all of that because there were blank stares and then restating of what they thought I said to reassure me that they were listening. Seriously. It was as if I had spoken pig Latin while chewing Laffy Taffy. “et’sla aveha oaderbra opicsta.”

Over the next hour plus, there was conversation I found hard to follow, but I would sporadically catch a sentence that let me know which direction we were heading. Imagine my “surprise” when I caught the statement, “what if we kept three main areas of focus and just highlighted a more specific topic this time, allowing for future events to show unity through those three main areas of focus.”

at’stha atwha I aidsa!!! Wota oursha agoa!!

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1 Response to Men Really R From Another Planet!!

  1. Julia says:

    I hear what your cluckiin’ big chicken….Isay,Isay,Isay!


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