M. Cummings Pahtay

What’s better to do after breakfast with a cow dressed as Santa than go to a birthday party in Creation Station???? Can’t think of anything we would have rather done!!!

This is M. and he just turned four.  He is in KB’s class at KDS and his brother X. is in Little’s class at Promise!! Their mommy is in my small group at Bible Study and Honey . . . has met their daddy.  *wink*

What a joy to spend the hour celebrating with these new friends!

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2 Responses to M. Cummings Pahtay

  1. Julia says:

    I am sorry, is he really happy at his own pahtay…?

  2. dbzgrrrl says:

    Oh my, that is one of the most somber pics of M that I’ve ever seen- but cute, nonetheless! We are thrilled that the Lord caused our paths to cross and loved having you spend M’s special day with us!


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