Santa Comes to Chickfila

You know we love our Chick-fil-a! Well, the Saturday after Thanksgiving found the family driving to the mall (bright and early) to have breakfast with Santa.

We were greeted by stylin’ teens who wanted us to purchase spa days for our girls (yeah, right) and wanted to paint glitter stars on the kids’ faces.  We went for the glitter stars – even letting Bubba get one.

There were balloon artists(?) making all types of creations.  One guy focused primarily on Christmas creations (reindeer antlers, Santa hats and beards, etc.) while the other lady strictly made dogs.  Little went to the dog lady and got a green dog “just like Scout!”  It was perfect for her!

At first I only saw the Cow Santa and was wondering if this was going to be the extent of the morning.  The kids’ excitement over Cow Santa made any frustration dissipate and we took photos and gave hugs.

Moments later we saw the REAL fake Santa and hurried to get a photo with him.  KB told him that she wanted a stroller for Christmas.  I had him ask if she had been a sweet little girl she answered, “Yes. . . and no.”  Smart and honest kid! (Isn’t this guy a great Santa?)

Then we got a picture with the whole family.  The supervising lady kept waving other stuffed animal/people into the shot and it ended up looking like a trip to a sad little amusement park.  Same supervising lady suggested we use this as our Christmas card.  NOT going to happen. . .

We had a lovely time and, as always, we were thankful for our friends at Chick-fil-a and the yummy breakfast they served us.  All of the children received complimentary minis, fruit, and drinks.   Can’t wait until our next Chick-fil-a excursion!!

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3 Responses to Santa Comes to Chickfila

  1. Julia says:

    Great family photo! KB is most facinated by Santa Cow, Little with her green dog and look at Bubba smiling for the camera like he is a pro! Lot’s to share about Noldada…let’s chat aobut getting together over the holidays.

  2. Monica says:

    I laughed out loud as I was reading, “the lady kept waving other animals into the photo” before I even saw the picture. I just know you! And when I saw the picture I laughed a little more. Oh so fun! You are great and I miss you all the more when I read these posts! 🙂 Mo

  3. dbzgrrrl says:

    That picture is priceless, Becky!! What a fun outing!


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