Birthday Party for Jesus

Last night I sat in the sanctuary of our church wondering what I missed. There was a birthday party for Jesus at KB’s school and I honestly had NO idea what that meant; apparently it is a big deal.

Taffeta, sweater vests, bowties. . . and that was just the 3-5 year olds.

I sat on the back row in jeans and a rumpled v-neck. My clothes conscious KB was wearing the same knit dress, dirty tights, and boots she wore to school.  Oh my.

The Head of School welcomed us to the second concert of the KDS Concert Series and I didn’t know if I wanted to cry or scream. Did something go home that I missed completely? It seemed I was the ONLY person who didn’t get the memo.  I gotta find that memo!!

KB rocked the stage. She is such a beautiful delight and she did such a good job. I’m a thankful mommy.  She also held the hand of the boy beside her between every song; Chris is her “very best friend who loves” her. (This is where my friend Monica and my mother are both thinking that she is a chip off the old block!! I agree. I AM a beautiful delight. *wink*)

There was a kindergartner up there in a tux.
One girl’s bow was as big as her brain. (wonder if she is Southern)

It is over now. I am letting it go.

The bottom line is that I watched 50ish children sing about the Savior being born! They quoted God’s Word! It was one of my favorite things I have done this season.  It was worshipful. Wonderful.  Wow!

My heart grew three sizes last night.

Happy Birthday, Jesus.

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5 Responses to Birthday Party for Jesus

  1. Debbie Ertel says:

    Maybe you were able to enjoy it all the more without all the effort you might have put into it had you known it would be a big deal. I just love kids’ Christmas programs and I only have one more year before we age out :(! Glad it was a special night!

  2. Julia says:

    You just need to know that everyone was looking at their kid and when they did see KB she was singing and performing with joy in her heart! In the words of Don Henley…”get over it.”

  3. emily says:

    You’re not the only one, Becky. I had NO CLUE it was such a big dress up deal. I texted one of Owen’s classmate’s moms a few minutes before to make sure it was ok to wear jeans and found out it actually wasn’t casual. I didn’t think the parents would dress up, too…so Travis and I both were underdressed compared to the majority! Sorry I missed seeing you last night! It sure was cute…and that kid in the tux was cracking me up.

  4. The kids did a great job, didn’t they? I also had no idea it was so involved. When I asked M what he was doing in the program his response was always “Singing Happy Birthday to Jesus” Um… understatement of the season there, bud. More like a cantata for Jesus!

    KB was beautiful and she sang her little heart out for Jesus. Don’t beat yourself up, God’s doing something pretty amazing in the hearts of our children and how we or our kids look isn’t part of that big thing.

    M would have been in jeans and a polo had my MIL not sent X and him new matching Christmas outfits. Even so, he wore brown tennis shoes with his black pants because dress shoes we’ll wear just a few times aren’t in the budget. And I switched from jeans to khakis at the very last minute after figuring it was a West County thing. Here in NoCo- I’d have been the dressy one in my jeans and sneakers!

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