Christmas Mercy


Christmas is two days away and you will not believe where I am; the hospital formerly known as St. John’s (Mercy).

We have known since October that Bubba was going to have his second eye surgery, it was the timing we were unsure of. A deductible met caused me to call the doctor on Monday, even though I was convinced that his schedule would show we couldn’t get in until Jan. SURPRISE!! An opening two days before Christmas.

So here we are. I have been a mother for almost eight years and I have put children under anesthesia as many times. Seriously – this is number eight. They gave Bubba his “don’t care drink” a little early this time and he was DRUNK – literally. It was funny at first and then all maternal instincts were go and I started feeling protective. Still, I was calm and trusting of the staff. I HAVE done this the afore mentioned eight times.

They just took him away in a Radio Flyer red wagon. He gave me a kiss and said in a slurred voice, “I love you, mommy.” And now I am crying. Watching people in scrubs wheel your child away isn’t fun or easy; no matter how many times you do it.

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3 Responses to Christmas Mercy

  1. amy sanders says:

    oh friend…wish i was there and could sit with you. love you.

  2. April says:

    Oh no! Do you need anything?

  3. zellner says:

    I just read this. I had no idea this was going on in your world this holiday. Breaks my heart for you to have to watch your little man have to go through that. So glad to see the photo above- He looks precious!


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