Thanksgiving at School

Better late than never. . .

Can I just say that I don’t know what our teachers did to fill the time without feasts and movies and wearing pajamas to school.  We were part of four Thanksgiving feasts for THREE children over seven days. . . and that was BEFORE our family Thanksgiving feast.  Goodness.

Bubba’s feast followed his class’s presentation of “No Turkey for Perky”
There was singing, speaking in unison, and dancing.  Bubba was a rock star – he never missed a beat/word.
Each child had an individual line as well and while they recited it a picture they colored depicting what they were saying was shown over them on a screen.  Bubba’s line had the little girls whining about how she wasn’t thankful for turkey because she didn’t like turkey. While practicing at home (in his monotone voice), Bub’s would tell me, “I have to say this with more emotion.”
Turns out the main character in the story had pizza for Thanksgiving and so her little dog, Perky, didn’t get to have any turkey scraps.  On the other hand, we had enough food for everyone attending and any dogs who might have wondered by.  It was QUITE a spread.

My own “perky turkey”.

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