Toniiiiight, Toniiiight. . .

Tonight we wore our new Christmas jammies and snuggled up to watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (Dr. Suess’ animated version).

There were bean bags, quilts, and matching jammies (did I say that already?) . . . I felt close to heaven it was so sweet.

Bubba: It was very short.

KB: I didn’t like it but it had a happy ending and the Grinch had a cute dog and zoomed down to, what’s it called again? Oh. Whoville. And there is another show with Whoville and that’s called Horton Hears a Who and we know that one.

Little: Let’s watch that one (speaking of a special feature on animation).

Obviously they were not feeling the tender moment enough to know to leave it alone.  Still, it was a wonderful 28 minutes and I am thankful.

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5 Responses to Toniiiiight, Toniiiight. . .

  1. Debbie Ertel says:

    Such fun family memories!

  2. Julia says:

    I am so glad to see that you and Christian Man wore the ensemble as well!

  3. So is that the Bernstein “Tonight”, the New Kids on the Block “Tonight” or the Hot Chelle Rae “Tonight”? I want to be sure I was singing the right song in my head as I was reading about your fun night. (I went with Bernstein, BTW. You just can’t go wrong with Bernstein.)

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