The Box

Our first two kids have never been into boxes.  Maybe they licked the edges or chewed the cardboard (when they were itty bitty) but they haven’t ever ridden in them like race car drivers or turned them upright and cut doors into them.  
I tried to help.  I even got a book from the library called Not a Box, by Antoinette Portis in the hopes that they would catch on and their imaginations would be sparked.  It was a no-go – or Not a Success, by The Blue Hutch.
For almost a year we have been signed up for a “subscribe and save” deal with Amazon.  Three months ago I switched the order from two boxes of Underjams per month to three boxes per month.  (Yes, KB and Bubba are completely potty trained now and I INCREASED our Underjams order.)  With the increased order, Amazon switched from sending the boxes independently to shipping them to us in one big box.  So, if you followed through all that you will have arrived at the understanding that we have been receiving one huge box every month for the past three months.  The April box arrived last week.
If you noticed, I only mentioned our older two children in the first sentence of this post.  The reason should be obvious to anyone who has been with us here at the Blue Hutch for more than a week: KB has enough imagination for all three of our children.  I opened that box in the middle of KB’s room and this is what I found.

 The next day I came into the den after lunch to find KB had decided to finish The Cat in the Hat this way:

 What Antoinette and I couldn’t do as a team, she did single-handedly.  She had her siblings dancing in and out of those boxes; one even had a door cut into it.  KB has such fun in these boxes that even Anna Pushman couldn’t resist playing along when she came for dinner last week! 

I’m already looking forward to our next box arriving!!!
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2 Responses to The Box

  1. Amen!
    Kids love a good box, it's something about the small space. Mar used to sleep in the closet EVERY night for months. I say, do it while ya can'1

  2. Debbie says:

    Such cute pictures! Maybe you should write a book titled “If You Give a Kid a Box . . .”


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