Bubba’s imagination is blossoming.  It is fun to watch .  Earlier this week he was building Tanagrams with Funshine.  It’s more fun with a friend – I can appreciate that.

KB got new heels in her Easter basket.  She has mastered scooting around the house in them and wears them with any and every outfit.  It’s nice to see a toy to put so much use – I appreciate that.

Teachers are people in our world that are definitely appreciated.  Therapists in our world are equally celebrated.  This week was Teacher Appreciation Week and so each teacher and therapist received a little bag like this one:

With a tag like this:

And inside was a sticky note holder like this:

I truly appreciate people who share their super and easy ideas online.  
AND I appreciate YOU for reading this post to the end.
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1 Response to Appreciation

  1. Debbie says:

    I love those sticky note holders–how clever!!


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