He Is Risen Indeed

Easter didn’t feel like Easter.   It was grey and rainy and chilly. . .  Today is still chilly (high of 60) but the sun is out and leaves are green.  SO, I am going to post about Easter today!

We had an effortless morning.  Everyone got ready without whining and everything fit.  Good times.  A couple in the church was assigned Children’s Worship but had out of town plans come up, so we switched with them.  This meant we missed the worship service but got to watch 35 little ones hearing the story of the resurrection. At the end we walked back into the sanctuary with the kiddos to hear the final hymn, “Christ the Lord is Risen Today”.  This had been the hymn of the month for April and all the children knew the words.  When they heard the adults start to sing their eyes go so wide.  It was priceless.

We had a quiet afternoon until 3:30PM and then our dear heathen friends came to celebrate the day with us.  KB was enamored with Dave all evening and I finally had to call her off!

The Barbers came a little later and Chloe just couldn’t wait to dig in!

It was nice to have people in our home.  It was nice to be with folks we love.  
It was wonderful to think on the Truth that all of it was possible because He came to earth, lived a perfect life in my place, bore the punishment for MY sin, and conquered death once for all! Hallelujah! What a Savior!!!
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1 Response to He Is Risen Indeed

  1. Debbie says:

    Sounds like a lovely Easter and the family picture is great!


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