Six by Three Meme

I got tagged AGES ago by my friend Catherine to participate in this meme. I really enjoy doing these – usually. I have been putting this one off because it is intimidating. Catherine is SUCH a deep thinker and her answers were pretty stout. I have thought about it every day (no lie) – it has been a challenge to my heart for sure. So, here goes:

Six Things I Value:
1. Freedom to worship – so often taken for granted, this is.

2. My husband – strengths and weaknesses – I love that man.

3. Kids – quirks, challenges, strengths – they are often a window to my sin and a window to HIS heart.

4. Music – Couldn’t imagine life without tunes!

5. My Godly heritage – it isn’t missed by me that I am one blessed puppy in this regard.

6. Creativity

Six Things I Don’t Support
1. Being no different from the world with the spoken intent to reach the world – don’t believe it’s biblical and can’t see the logic in it.

2. Euthanasia – who are we to decide what one’s quality of life is or what is best for them.

3. Using fat free cheese – one has to draw the line somewhere in regard to “better” eating.

4. Joel Osteen

5. The blanket statement that Christian schools are THE best option for any believer.

6. The Olympics being in London – where the heck are they going to put everything?

Six People I Tag: (and thereby doom to weeks of contemplation and fret – or not)
1. Jawan (cause I always do)
2. Amy (cause you’ll already know your answers)
3. Julie (cause I am curious)
4. Megan (cause you’re a thinker AND funny)
5. Bethany (cause you wouldn’t think I would)
6. Dave (cause it will make you twitch)

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