December Photo Project

So, the world just gets smaller and smaller.

I was reading my friend Megan’s blog last night and she mentioned this December Photo Project and gave a link. I clicked over and read about it and decided to sign right up – just a fun little way to photograph my way through December.

As I am reading who else is participating, I see a friend in town here. Hmmm. In the girl’s favorite blog list I see another name I recognize. Hmm. Then I check my friend Catherine’s blog and she has her first photograph for the December Photo Project ’08. SHE LIVES IN AUSTRALIA!!! Turns out that the gal who writes “View from the Prairie” and hosts the Photo Project lived here in town while her hubby went to school with my honey!

Everyone else probably knows that but I found out through the blog connections and it kinda weirds me out a bit.
So I am going to do this photo project thingy. In Rebecca’s words (get this: her name is Rebecca – her hubby is JEREMY! NO LIE!) I am going to “snap a picture each day and show the world what you’re [I’m] looking at!” Get ready to be part of my woooooorrrrrld.
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3 Responses to December Photo Project

  1. Megan says:

    I love connections like that. You know what, Rebecca and I still haven’t met in live person yet either, but her blog is the first one I started reading after Craig and Doug wrote a book together (and started a blog) – Rebecca would come and comment on the TwentySomeone blog and I thought she was all cool and bloggish. I still do. *grin* They were at Covenant when Doug was and that’s our connection!

  2. Sarah B. says:

    Yay, B! I just e-mailed you after you asked about my dear friend Rebecca, and I had no idea that you were doing the DPP! I did it last year and it was fun, but a little pressing. I’m thinking I’m not this year, but who knows, I could change my mind by tomorrow!And yes, Rebecca Tredway is “all cool and bloggish”…and much more! I love her to death. 🙂 I’ll look forward to your pics, B.

  3. Cath says:

    wow – the world really is so small sometimes. I don’t know Megan, but I started reading her blog before I knew you were blogging, and when I found you I found her again, too. I wonder what other “7 degrees” are yet to be uncovered??


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