Big Boy Day – End of Day 1

What a day!
I am too old for this. 

Bubba had a good day.  We only went through 8 pair of undies and he only had one real accident.  Sound like a dream? Well, we each have our own “cross” to bear, right? Ours is a son that HATES a mess and isn’t verbal. Potty training is pretty messy for a little boy (and his mother).  He would sit on the potty and cry and shake and basically go bananas, but I didn’t know why. 

Finally I did something I read about in a little book my friend Amanda passed on to me – I turned him around backwards on the potty and we held the lid and pretended to be driving a car.  He started to potty and started to scream until he realized it was going INTO the potty! No Mess!! He actually giggled! Maybe it’s a breakthrough, I don’t know.

Here’s the previously mentioned and dreaded Potty Power video.  There’s no better day to bring it out that Day 1 of Potty Training.  At least we had something to sing while we sat in the bathroom.  And it was fun to watch Bubba get excited when the kids all threw their diapers away just like him!

He stayed dry through his nap – and slept hard.  Potty training must be as emotionally taxing for him as it is for me – I slept too.

Bubba eating a “Big Boy Day” cookie.

So, tomorrow is day two.  Specific prayer requests would include: 1.  that Bubba would work through his aversion to actually going on the toilet.  2.  that I would have patience with Bubba as we try to work together in this area of training with no verbal communication.  3.  that it would all click and Bubba would master the skill – for Pete’s Sake – of knowing when and going potty.  4.  that Honey would maintain sanity throughout the process (what a man, my Honey).

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1 Response to Big Boy Day – End of Day 1

  1. Debbie says:

    I am hoping Day 2 had it’s own breakthroughs. Keep up the good work! Potty training was one milestone I was glad to have behind us–it was just so stressful!


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