Big Boy – Day 2

Today was encouraging again.  Bubba stayed dry through the night and then went straight to the potty with no coercing! We only used 3 pair of undies all day – including big boy pants during nap! What a champ.

Best story of the day – I was sitting on the floor in Bub’s room and saw his dash across the hall to the bathroom.  He walked in, went straight to the potty, and climbed up.  That’s right – he didn’t do the whine/pant thing he has been doing when elimination is inevitable – he went straight to the potty.  After finishing he looked up at me and said, “Get some candy, please.”  Our God is so good

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf.  Can I ask you to lift us up again for these specific things?

1.  That Bubba would poop.
2.  That Bubba would potty facing forward tomorrow.  This could become an awkward thing at school, eh?
3.  That Bubba continues to grow in this area and “catching on” to the world of the big boy potty.
Thank you for your friendships and prayers. 
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