I am going to win SOMETHING dangit!

This is my dream giveaway.  Forget cutsie jewelry (that I would love, mind you) and cookbooks. . . THIS has my name written all over it.  A MiniBox.  You are now asking, “What the heck is a MiniBox?” It is a crafter’s dream.  It is made by a company called The Original Scrapbox which should tell you something.  It is a pretty cabinet that opens up and has bits and places for all your craft supplies – – in one place.  Imagine.  And if I won and could get it here before my mom comes to clean. . . she could organize it for me *smile*.

Go to Vanillajoy and check it out for yourself – but don’t enter.

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1 Response to I am going to win SOMETHING dangit!

  1. Nicole says:

    This is a scrapbookers dream, until you look at the price of course! Don’t worry I’ll only enter once. 🙂


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