Sad Sad Birthday

There is a list a mile long of how I really goofed up my husband’s birthday this year.  I am, to your delight, NOT going to make that list for you.  I AM going to show you the pathetic excuse for a cake that marked the day my Honey turned 34:

Yep! That’s a Betty Crocker Warm Delights microwave fudge brownie, folks; the bottom of the barrel, if you will.  I did put vanilla ice cream on it.  Does that help at all?
On another note – doesn’t Honey look thin?? He has been running every evening and is just shrinking and shrinking.  (Male metabolism you mock me!) If Honey was a woman, the fact that I called him thin would make up for the goofed up birthday. . . what do you say, Babe??
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1 Response to Sad Sad Birthday

  1. Amanda says:

    Ain’t no shame in using a convenience food! RR loves him some Hamburger Helper. 🙂 He even requests it. (And yes, I know my grammar is terrible in this comment.)


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