Who is Rachel?

I actually got a comment asking “Who is Rachel”? And when I didn’t respond, I got a phone call today asking again.  So, here is a fun story and a photo that has my friend, Rachel, in it.

Our church is having a women’s retreat this Fall.  To help offset the cost so that younger women can attend, we have come up with a couple ideas to raise funds.  One such idea was to sell sno-cones at our school’s open house this week.  It was a GREAT success.  In 1 1/2 hours they sold 228 sno-cones!!  WOW!

Rachel (!), Jean, and Cindy are set up and ready to sell! Just look at Cindy’s hair blowin’ in the breeze. . .lookin’ good.
There is not much one could do to make this photo worse – but it commemorates the fact that we gals went to buy a sno-cone and make a memory.
So did these kids. . .
. . .and this one (smile).
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1 Response to Who is Rachel?

  1. Alicia says:

    Hey Becky. I love your blog and your babies are so cute. I can not believe you have kids old enough to ride the school bus! Thank you for your sweet note!


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