Big Boy on the Bus

Bubba rode the bus to school on Monday.  Technically Bubba is still two years old – for 11 more days.  It was hard watching my little “2 for 11 more days” year old getting onto that bus.  
The wait got to be a little longer than we planned so he joined Little on the porch.  She is an old pro and so she took some time to walk him through the finer points of bus etiquette (which she had apparently jotted down in this large red book during her spare time).
KB watched from inside:

Besides the fact that you can actually see how dirty my front door is, isn’t this photo hilarious??

And here is my little man ON the bus.  The driver, Linda, was Little’s driver last year. Oh, you mean you can’t see her because she is successfully hiding behind the “2 for 11 more days” year old? Well, she was there and she was sweet to try and help me get a standard photo of my little man looking at the camera and smiling.  I told her that this was really a better capture of who he really is – a little boy getting on a bus for the first time; completely mesmerized by the buttons and gadgets.  I love it.

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2 Responses to Big Boy on the Bus

  1. Sarah says:

    LOVE the new look of your blog! How’d you do it?

  2. annaj says:

    great pic of KB! i giggled out loud.


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