You can’t say I never listen. . .

I went to BBB and got my very own weekly calendar wipe board. Turned out the rim was plastic instead of metal and so it was light enough to hang on the frig. So, the kids and I made a trip to Home Depot (where they got to ride in an ORANGE BUGGY – the thrill of simple things) to get super duper magnets and I super glued them on all by myself. Oh yeah, I’m handy. 2 min. later – that’s 30 sec. per magnet – and wahlah! Insto-organized. (I wish)

Thanks, mom, for the great tip!

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3 Responses to You can’t say I never listen. . .

  1. Debbie says:

    You are so handy! 🙂 The board is great. Orange carts are cool–do you have a Costco with the double seater carts?? I loved those, too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So your handy familytime.mine calendar isn’t enough anymore?–Marcie


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