To Boycott or Not

Today I read this at 5 Minutes for Mom
“‘Tropic Thunder’ will open in movie theaters tomorrow and the ignorant hate word “retard” will be repetitively blared over sound systems throughout the country. While movie goers laugh and spill overpriced popcorn, the cause of establishing equality for persons of all abilities will fall with those kernels and be stomped underfoot and forgotten on sticky theater floors.”

There was a similar post yesterday at 5 Minutes for Special Needs.

As the mother of a child who is actually missing part of her brain, I don’t know what I think.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot, though.  What are your thoughts?

Hear me when I say I am not verbalizing support for or against boycotting this movie.  That is a personal decision.  I haven’t seen it, obviously (it doesn’t open until tomorrow) so I cannot comment on the context, actual validity of said claims, etc.  It is food for thought, eh? I guess in the world of WWJD we could count on the fact He wouldn’t use the word “retard” to describe His creation.  Hmmm.

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1 Response to To Boycott or Not

  1. ~Mad says:

    I would boycott and write a scathing letter to whoever produced the movie! I loathe that word!~Mad


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