New Phase

Bubba and Little have both mastered the stairs – finally!  Both can go up and down all alone.  So, why then did today find this me doing this:

Well, because of this:

That’s right, my 9m old actually fell down a step today.  I would feel like a terrible mother except how the HECK was I supposed to even be on the look out for that one? She is 9 MONTHS OLD!!

I was on the phone paying an anesthesia bill and I heard a “kabop – pause – scream”.  It was the fastest over the phone bill paying ever – that woman was ready to be released from the crying in her ear!

KB was fine – more scared than hurt.

Seems we have entered a new phase.  And with a tentative step taken today, we could be close to another. . .

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1 Response to New Phase

  1. I hate to admit it, but Clip fell down the steps months ago (only once…now I know!) And we have two sets of steps in our house and you can’t put a gate on the top or bottom (without drilling into the wood, which we are not inclined to do) so I spend HOURS of my day keeping Clip away from the stairs. I’m so glad you can put up a gate and hopefully that will solve the problem! ~annie


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