I’m Shameless

Outside of personal friends from my past and present, there are only two blogs I read that don’t have to do with crafting, couponing, or cooking. Rocks In My Dryer and One Thing. Funny thing, reading one led me to the other and I have experienced many tears of laughter, healing, and other emotions during my “friendship” with Shannon and Jenni. You would do well to visit them yourselves.

It’s been almost two weeks since returning from NJ. The house has returned to the dull roar of normalcy and I am finding moments to really process what I learned and the life I live. It is into this pondering that these two women spoke this week and ministered. I thought I would share.

Shannon has begun a series called, “What I’d Like For You to Know.” She has guest bloggers once a week and they post on a topic they know about personally. I just read last weeks post by Molly Piper (of John Piper genes) on the birth of a Stillborn child and it really ministered to me. She spoke words that reflect my own feelings. NO, I have never experienced stillbirth, but I feel we experience new deaths with our Little almost weekly – death of dreams, death of expectations, death, death, death. It was wonderful, sad, true, and hard. I am so grateful for Shannon’s vision for this ministry through her blog and her ACTION to “make it so.”
(I wrote to tell her and she wrote me back!!!! THE SHANNON wrote me back. ACK!)

Then today I was catching up on One Thing and Jenni had a picture of an Okra Flower and then wrote this, “It reminded me that everything that has been made here on Planet Earth came straight out of the fathomless imagination of our endlessly creative Daddy God, and like the microscopic beauty of a snowflake, it’s just waiting for us to discover it.”

Did you read that? She called Him, “Daddy God”!!! I LOVE THAT!!! Makes me cry (as my friend Pam would say). Funny how something so simple could minister so deeply, eh?

So, there you go. Two shameless plugs and hopefully limitless encouragement for you.
Now you can’t say I never did anything nice for you (smile).

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2 Responses to I’m Shameless

  1. Allison says:

    I, too, loved the post from Molly Piper. I love that shannon has started this. Helps so much to hear the hearts of those whose journey looks different than mine. You ought to check out the latest entry on one of my friends blogs http://www.laughingseven.comRead “Welcome to Holland”


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