Hot Stuff

Today was HOT and HUMID. We are talking “walk out the door and insta-sweat” weather. That is NO FUN when you have three small children.

Honey called at lunch to tell me he wouldn’t be home till after 8PM so I started brainstorming.

The kids awoke from their naps and we packed up the minivan. After a quick transferred refill at our NEW Target ($10 gift card for transferring), we headed to the free standing Chickfila and indoor play room for toddlers only! Oh Yeah!

30 minutes of hard play in the indoor play yard and everyone was ready to head home and to bed. Even KB! It’s funny – we walked in and straight to the play room. Packed up and walked out. The manager caught my eye and I smiled and said, “I’ll be at the drive-thru window in minutes. I just can’t carry it all.” He gave me a “yeah, right” and I made sure to wave at him as I picked up dinner moments later.

Oh, and you have heard of Murphy’s Law? Well, we have Little’s Law. (Little does it most and that is why I call it Little’s Law.) No matter when the kids last went potty, it is GUARANTEED that one of them will go poopy in the play room. SERIOUSLY!

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1 Response to Hot Stuff

  1. Hi B! Too FUNNY that Blogger recommended my blog for you. I can’t imagine why. I’m nowhere near as witty, funny, or creative as you are. I do struggle with 3 small children and their challenges, though….so if Blogger can pick up on that…then maybe that’s why! 🙂 Its so funny that you should stumble upon (and comment on!) my blog because I feel towards YOU how you feel about the women in Rocks in my Dryer and the other blog (I can’t remember the name.) I think you have referenced them before and since you linked them in your last post, I visited them this time. Inspirational, yes. But yours is equally so. And since I know you and don’t know them (and have only limited time to enjoy on the computer) I’ll stick with just reading yours! Yours is REALLY a ministry to me! I am so encouraged by how real you are and how clearly you communicate your struggles and your faith and reliance on Jesus. It is inspiring and helpful and encouraging and I check your blog daily for either a laugh or spiritual encouragement (often both!)…or a great idea for a craft that I will NEVER find time to do! 🙂 Now I feel like you did when that woman wrote on YOUR blog!Now I can say, “B!…THE B!!! From The Blue Hutch!!!! has commented on MY BLOG!!!” 🙂 Wow! 🙂 I know my struggles with my children differ from yours in some ways…but at the same time we are alike in that we have three young, needy children who cause us to rely more on Christ as our help and Savior. I really do appreciate your frequent posts and your wonderful sense of humor and how creatively you describe things. You always bring a smile to my face and warmth to my weary heart. Even though Aiden is different than Little in some ways, I have been SOO SOOOOO challenged with him (behaviorally and emotionally) over the past year and how to deal with him. Although our problems and challenges are different, we rely and look to the same Savior. So thank you for living your life – looking to Jesus while encouraging others of us to do the same! And thanks for brightening my day by commenting on my blog! (I know its not very entertaining…but I’m glad you enjoyed seeing the pictures!) 🙂 ~anniep.s. As a side note, I followed a link from your blog to the Atchisons’ and have been following their journey along with them, which helps – in a way – the continuing journey of losing my brother a few years ago. At some point, I mean to write to them, but will wait until the time is right.


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