Where’s Daddy?

If you have read this blog or know our family, you know that Little’s echolalic tendencies are a source of frustration and humor. This weekend humor won the day and helped end a family argument!

Honey and I had a disagreement on Sunday. I wanted him to run to a friend’s house and pick up “something” and he didn’t want to go that day. A “disagreement” ensued and climaxed in Honey walking out of the house, driving out of the driveway and yelling “FINE” as he drove out of sight. (Not really – I just imagined I heard that) Honey pulled out of the driveway just as I set plates of scrambled eggs and pancakes in front of the children.

Little said, “He’s leaving. Where’s daddy?” (I’m not going to type it, but she said this three times, of course.)

I muttered under my breath, “In the doghouse.”

The rest of dinner was spent listening to Little say, “He’s gone. He’s in the doghouse. I want to see it.” OVER AND OVER.

When Honey arrived home, Little met him at the door saying, “He’s back. He’s back from the doghouse.” I was in the back room doubled over laughing. I could hear Honey laughing in the den. I imagined I heard the tension between us heading out the door, up the driveway, and out of sight.

And that’s “FINE” by me!!!

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7 Responses to Where’s Daddy?

  1. Anonymous says:

    That is hilarious – “be careful little lips what you say. . .” MM

  2. Anonymous says:

    Two observations: Little only repeats what she hears someone else say; you want someone to get a message but are reluctant to tell them, she will!!! Pop

  3. amy says:

    pop is right on…and that was very funny. 🙂

  4. Amanda says:

    Love love love that story!

  5. lvargo says:

    God is sooo good to give us children to remind us of sin in our own lives, to enjoy and fully understand FORGIVENESS and to remind us of our creator and His gift of humor! Love you all!


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