Just thinking through the options of what I could post today. What would hold your attention? What would cause you to ponder deeper things? What might remind you that you miss me 🙂

Well, these are the choices:
1. The recharger for the camera battery arrived today. (Not a good choice because there is nothing else to say besides “the recharger for the camera battery arrived today)
2. A list of photo opportunities I have missed while the camera battery was dead and the new recharger was being mailed.
3. Why my mail delivery person is such a loser.
4. Why the mother of toddlers and infants should not even try to wear a pedometer

1. has already been dismissed due to it’s simplicity.
2. will not cause you to miss me but only tell you what I missed.
3. has potential to hold your attention . . . till the sentence is over.
4. is ridiculous.

This is lame.
I’m done.

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1 Response to Ponderings

  1. amy says:

    this LIST made me miss you. 🙂


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