I’m Cheap

My lack of camera has me resulting to craziness so that pictures will be present and your eyes will feel entertain as my words stimulate your mind. (tee hee)

Libby came today and I ran errands. What an exhilarating morning!
I went to Hobby Lobby where I got:
1 bandanna – 30% off
25 pieces of scrapbook paper – 50% off
1 package of magnetic printer paper – 40% off
elastic and a tape measure
Total: $10

Fun thing is that this will turn out to be:
1 pair of shorts for Bubba
Several greeting cards and a massive wall art project for Little’s room
Magnets of family members for fridge-play
Not bad for $10!!!

Next stop – Walgreens!
Receipt total: $71.80
I paid: $23.55
That seems like a lot, kinda.

Then I went to First Watch – a “daytime cafe” and had a FREE breakfast! Seriously! If you sign up for their “Sun e Club” you get an email worth a free menu item! So, I ate my turkey omelet (egg whites, turkey, spinach, tomatoes, and feta) and read my book – so fun.

Next stop: Starbucks
I took my calendar, notebook, and birthday gift card and planned for the week ahead (big week coming up!)

Next the church to hang an adorable poster advertising our next scoop of delight for the women’s ministry: a game night. A picture would be GREAT here. Sorry ’bout your luck.

Next: haircut. I LOVE the lady who cuts my hair. She loves Jesus and it is FUN and ENCOURAGING to spend time in her chair. She has been cutting my hair since I was pregnant with Little (so, five years) and really helped us through seminary. Today she helped with the maniacal wave in my hair that appeared after giving birth and I CANNOT control. She used some Redken product, it worked, and so she gave me the bottle!!! WOW!!!

Now I am home and the tune of “There shall be showers of blessings” keeps floating through my head. So, maybe I am not cheap. Maybe I am frugal. Maybe I am wise. Maybe I am just plain blessed.

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