The Mail Person (because you begged)

My mail delivery person changes from day to day. Not the delivery person’s clothing, countenance, character – the actual person changes from day to day. The one thing they ALL have in common is laziness – – – or, potentially a fear of traffic (if I am being gracious).

My husband found a large package laying on the ground beside the mailbox (package of photos, mind you) because someone (I really don’t know which one it was) didn’t want to walk to the door. Graciously, that was one of the only 24 hour periods last month where there was NO RAIN! Lazy or intimidated by the traffic on our street?

Today, the mail person – male with dreds – came to the door with two boxes (one of which was the aforementioned battery charger), knocked, set the boxes on the ground, and went and put my letters in the mail box!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????

That’s it. Whole story. So worth the time, I know.

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