Green Smoothie #2

This is not getting better.

It took awhile to get over attempt #1 at the Green Smoothie. I talked with Sarah and she encouraged me to try again and go slllloooooww with the green part. She encouraged Kale – I went and got some. She encouraged frozen fruit – I already had some. SO, this morning I dove in and made attempt #2.

A picture would normally go here but we are in the midst of a camera tragedy – battery dead and battery charger BROKE. (If you know me you know this is a tragedy of Macbeth proportions.) I will try to paint a picture for you:

It was purple – not green 🙂 I used blueberries, a granny smith apple, and just a touch of flowering kale (which is purple), with a bit of vanilla yogurt.

It tasted yummy except for one thing.
It was NOT smooth.
No one should have to CHEW their smoothie.

I must talk to my friend Sarah and get more encouragement or I will not EVER try this again.

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3 Responses to Green Smoothie #2

  1. Allison says:

    This made me laugh out loud. I know it’s supposed to be so good for you, but something about the color does me in too.

  2. amy says:

    honey. add lots of honey. how long did you blend? i have that issue alot with smoothies…of it not being smooth. it seems like i have to leave it in the blender FOREVER. sorry about your camera. that is tragic!

  3. Sarah says:

    Okay, so you’re just beggin’ me to comment on this, right?? 🙂First, the name Green Smoothie can be a bit deceiving b/c they don’t always turn out green. I’ve had all shades of green smoothies, plus brown smoothies, purple, pink and every shade in between. And if you put blueberries in, you’re guaranteed to get a purple smoothie no matter what else is in it!! Crazy, huh?!Second, the “smoothness” issue. Amy is right on this–my first advice is blend, blend, blend like crazy. I always start on a lower setting for about 30-45 seconds, then up it to a higher setting until it dad gum smooth. Really smooth. Our neighbors in the next apartment must always know by now when we’re up, cause the blender will be a’runnin’!Another thought–bananas are a great way to make your smoothies smooth. Sometimes I add a second banana to my smoothie if I don’t quite like the texture. And I still suggest trying bagged baby spinach to add the green to your smoothies. Baby spinach blends up so nicely. Of course, I’m huge on kale, but it does take some experimenting to get the texture right when making smoothies with it. There…does this help, B? I commend you for giving it another go! Perhaps I can show up at your doorstep and help you trouble-shoot through this?? 🙂


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