Uncle Andy is Gone

Like I said, we took Uncle Andy to the airport today. Little has gone through withdrawals. She keeps saying, “. . .when Uncle Andy comes home. . .” and “. . . he will come back. . . ” My heart breaks a little more every time she says it. She doesn’t understand that it will be at least another year before we see him again.

It is such a struggle. I KNOW that my family is where God would have them and doing His will and being used for HIS glory and I still want them to be near. Oh, heaven will be SWEEEET.
The time with Andy was so encouraging and fun. He is truly one of my favorite people and I learn from him every time I am exposed to him. Thank you for giving us two days, bro. And mom and dad – thank you for sending him.
I love this picture. Andy and Honey were friends before I knew honey. Their relationship makes me smile. I call this photo “PDA” (giggle, laugh, giggle) because they were sitting and talking through the programs on their PDA/phone and beaming them to each other. Love in action!
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1 Response to Uncle Andy is Gone

  1. Jawan says:

    We both married technology hounds. Beaming info to their PDAs….this would have made no sense 15 years ago. Wonder what toy they’ll be playing with 15 years from now. Hmmmm….


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